[Samba] helping out with documentation?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Apr 14 20:25:51 GMT 2006

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Veronica Hill wrote:
> What would be the best way to help out with Documentation 
> - like changing some of the bits in Samba by example or
> adding pointers to other chapters where John Terpstra has
> missed a step that another chapter covers?
> I can't find any info on the website that shows me how to 
< write in the docbook xml format - I haven't done that
< before, so I need some pointers.  Where can I find some?

I don't have any good docbook/XML pointers so its normally
just follow the convention of what's already there.
If you send me diffs, I'll try to review them and get them
in tree.    I can also send you a build script for the docs
but I've never been able to get a working environment
on anything but debian testing.

cheers, jerry
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