[Samba] Re: OpenLDAP and Active Directory synchronize

Justin Grote jgrote at jwgnetworks.com
Thu Apr 13 02:44:58 GMT 2006

Paul Matthews wrote:
> well I looked into this about 6 months ago now and the answer then way not
> without a lot of effort and scripts and it was just a messy answer. But if
> you find an answer i'd be interested in hearing it, try
> http://www.ldapguru.com/ I think there is a constant topic about this.

This probably isn't an option if you've already deployed OpenLDAP, but 
Novell's eDirectory has an addon called Identity Manager which does this 
kind synchronization to AD (and many, many other applications) very 
smoothly. Yes it's commercial, but it is relatively inexpensive and it's 
the best damn directory out there in my opinion if you're going to be 
serious about this.

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