[Samba] Win and linux shared filesystem with chmod support for linux side?

Matt Richards matt at mattstone.net
Wed Apr 12 14:48:10 GMT 2006

Hello  :)

I have a current setup of apache serving websites for users, apache is 
using cgiwrap for all scripts so the filesystem needs to support chmod 
and chown stuff.
This would all be good and dandy if everything was linux based, however, 
.. the whole setup needs the ablity to parse asp files as its needed for 
teaching !

I setup apache with something like this (ignoring all the php, perl, 
python, etc setup) ...

AddHandler application/x-httpd-asp .asp
Action application/x-httpd-asp /cgi-bin/asp-parse

and asp-parse just contains a line that will make lynx -source ask a 
windows box for the html output of a asp file.

It works really well and i thought i had everything sorted out as linux 
was mounting the filesystem using cifs (the users files are stored on 
the windows box atm, but they could be easily moved) which looked like 
its supported chmod and chown but ..
when new files are uploaded via ftp the chown of the files are set to 
root:root and not userid:users which means cgiwrap dies saying the UID 
is wrong.

is this because its nor supported on win2000?

This isn't a good thing to have, even if the users had the ablity to 
change the ownership of files because 1) most users that are using this 
dont know what a UID is and 2) its annoying!

I have tried mounting a linux filesystem on windows which works gr8 
appart from the fact that IIS has some stupid thing todo with 
authentication and hosting sites off UNC paths, y? i have no idea just 
seems like a load of rubbish to me! and every nfs server i have found 
for windows either 1) dosn't support chown and chmod at all and just 
ignores it or 2) requires uid's to be mapped to windows user accounts, 
these users dont have windows accounts on this server.

So i really need a way to mount filesystems off a windows box that 
support proper chmod'in and chown'in that isn't broken.

Windows only needs read only access to everything dont care about 
complucated permissions n any of that.

y is it always microsofts stuff that gets in the way and makes 
everything annoying?

I think my best bet would be to uptgrade to win2003 ? or is this a cifs 
problem ?, does anybody have any other ideas about how i could make this 
work ?



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