[Samba] Re: If I use "valid users" option, I can't logintothe domain

Steve A gmane at rowyerboat.com
Sat Apr 8 16:57:11 GMT 2006

Craig White wrote:
> OK - from your original dump of smb.conf, I don't see any shares other
> than netlogon...do you have others? Do they show in command...

Yes, I didn't think they were applicable, but here's the shares:

        path = /export/netlogon
        browseable = No
        comment = User profiles
        path = /export/profiles
        read only = No
        create mask = 0600
        directory mask = 0700
        browseable = No
        comment = Home Directory for %u
        path = /home/%u
        read only = No
        browseable = No

> smbclient -L samba -U sa

[root at fedora ~]# smbclient -L samba -U sa
Domain=[SAMBA-DOMAIN] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.22-1.fc5]

        Sharename       Type      Comment
        ---------       ----      -------
        ADMIN$          IPC       IPC Service (KJN Server)
        IPC$            IPC       IPC Service (KJN Server)
        sa              Disk      Home Directory for sa
Domain=[SAMBA-DOMAIN] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.22-1.fc5]

        Server               Comment
        ---------            -------
        SAMBA                KJN Server

        Workgroup            Master
        ---------            -------
        GEORGE               GEORGINA
        SAMBA-DOMAIN         SAMBA
        WORKGROUP            DANGERMOUSE

> does output of 'testparm -s -v' give you any errors?

None at all.  I did my changes using swat anyway.  Is there a particular 
logging setup with Samba that I can change to to give the necessary verbose 

Thanks Craig,
Steve :) 

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