[Samba] Mounting Network Shares with CIFS Instead of SMBFS

Dracula countofdracula at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 11:07:54 GMT 2006

While the mounting process is successful, the behavior of remote
directories and files is different under CIFS than SMBFS.  Here are some
of the issues I have encountered: 

1)  When doing a "file" on a file mounted under SMBFS, it gives a
standard output depending on the file type.  For the same file under
CIFS, it gives the same information with "setgid sticky" before it.
 Also, running the "ls" command produces different colors for these
files which may relate back to these differences.  I cannot find in
my /etc/DIR_COLORS how these particular colors are being set. 

2)  While using vim on files mounted under CIFS, when trying to write an
existing file you will randomly be warned "The file has been changed
since reading it!!!".  Normally, this only occurs when another user
accesses and saves the between your opening and writing.  I can verify
this is not the case and is not/was not an issue for files mounted under
SMBFS.  I'm assuming there is a discrepancy between what the server
machine is telling the client is the last modification or access




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