[Samba] uploading client printer drivers broken ?

Chris Anders slash at thezoneinternet.com.au
Mon Apr 3 23:54:31 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I am at a loss with this feature of samba in that it is soo hit or  
miss if the client drivers will upload or not depending on samba  
version used.

Can someone confirm that this feature does indeed work in the latest  
samba release?

i have tried many setups be it ldap or tdbsam, made sure all more  
groupmappings are correct, folders and permissions are correct, etc,
Yet when i go to upload the printer driver the progress window  
appears to be doing something, the logs show me writing to the print$  
share and when it gets to the end i get a nice message stating access  

To confirm that its not a permission on the filesystem it self if i  
chmod 000 the path of the print$ when i try and upload the driver it  
wont even attempt to upload, windows will simply state that the  
operation is not possible.

I am using the root account to upload the drivers, i make sure that  
im in the domain admins group(pdbedit shows primary group SID-512), i  
have tried this with enable privs on and off with the root account  
being a part of the printer manage privs all of which i have no success!

What makes this even more concerning is that at some sites with  
previous versions of samba i was able to upload the printer drivers  
with no drama what so ever however after upgrading to the latest  
version when i goto upload a new driver or add a printer to the  
existing network to upload a new driver the same problem occurs above.

I have tried many distros and followed the examples on samba.org,  
read the instructions, the tips, the trix, everything.... This  
feature has worked for me in the past and funny enough at one stage  
the drivers would only upload if i was using winxp to do the  
uploading on win2k networks. Now it would seem that regardless of  
what i am doing this feature is broken, unless someone else from a  
fresh install can shed some light on this.

Distros used : gentoo, debian, freebsd

Thankyou for time,

Kind Regards,

Chris Anders
Network Engineer

Anders Networks
Mobile     - 0421 580 017
Email       - chris at anders.net.au
Web         - http://www.anders.net.au

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