[Samba] Free space/capacity displayed as garbage...

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Sep 30 17:21:47 GMT 2005

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Marc Gregoire wrote:

>> I'm having some strange problems with Samba.
>> I have shared a linux folder on my samba and have mapped it 
>> to a drive letter in Windows XP (I also tried with Windows 2000).
>> When I right click my mapped drive and click on properties to 
>> view the free space and capacity, I get all garbage as can be 
>> seen from the screenshot at:
>> http://www.nuonsoft.com/temp/samba_free_space.jpg
>> I'm running the latest version 3.0.20 and it is running on 
>> AlphaCore which is Fedora Core 3 for the Alpha (64 bit 
>> platform). It compiled without problems with gcc 3.4.3. 
>> Because of this issue, I'm unable to use my samba network 
>> share from programs that check the freespace before doing 
>> something, like for example creating a cd image.


Please try the just release 3.0.20a since there were some 64-bit
compile issues fixed in it.  Also, Can you very that Samba
has been built with LFS ?

cheers, jerry
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