[Samba] Differences with net join

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Fri Sep 30 16:01:45 GMT 2005

I'm getting closer to tracking down my problem (I hope).

Since I want samba to verify the windows users from the Windows 
domain, I did the usual net join. But it still doesn't get the users 
from there, I still need an smbpasswd file.

So... now the question (for the real samba gurus):
Is there a substantial difference between:

net ads join -w <domain/workgroup>


net rpc join -w <domain/workgroup> ?

I did the "net rpc ...." because I don't have ads compiled in (owing 
to the problems with IBMs implementation of Kerberos not being 
compatable with Samba..).

BTW: The join was successful, but Samba isn't pulling user IDs from 
there. To do what I need to, do I HAVE to have ads compiled in?

Thanks again!


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