[samba] ldapsam:trusted = yes kills smbd

Tom Crummey tom at ee.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Sep 30 09:31:10 GMT 2005


I've just seen this thread..

I had exactly the same problem and posted on it a few weeks ago. I
obviously didn't express it clearly enough, but I asked for an
explanation of the group mapping stuff in samba 3.0.20 because it
doesn't seem to be documented, especially the fact that samba won't
start if the builtin groups aren't mapped. Here is an extract from my

> I may be missing something, but it seems that there has been a change
> between 3.0.14a and 3.0.20 which means that a user's primary UNIX
> group
> HAS to be mapped to a valid NT group (i.e. the primary UNIX group in
> the
> LDAP DB has to have the sambagroupmapping attribute and a SID). Can
> anyone confirm this as a new requirement or am I being a bit stupid? 
> I'm using an LDAP backend with no IDmap or winbind.


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