[Samba] winbindd_create_user: Refusing to create user that already exists

Scouser scouser at paradise.net.nz
Thu Sep 29 21:55:15 GMT 2005

Thanks Jerry
Unfortunately that is no help ;-(

If I create the user on the host then they can map the drive no problem
without having to authenicate (provided they are logged in to the
trusted domain)
However if they do not have an account on the box they can't map the
drive and the logs show this 'Refusing to create user....' message.

This is driving me crazy!

I am using samba v3.0.4 and the trusted domain is an NT4 domain.

One obvious soluiton is to create user acounts on the host, as the major
problem of password management is still done at the domain level,
however I am sure you should not have to do this.

(PS there was a typo in my nsswitch.conf but fixing it has not helped)

$ cat nsswitch.conf
    passwd: files winbind
    shadow: files winbind
    group: files winbind
    hosts: files wins

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Scouser wrote:
> | This is driving me nuts, I see many people have
> | posted similar questions but have yet to see a reply
> | HAS ANYONE any idea why I am getting this?
> Set 'winbind enable local accounts = no'.  And fix your winbindd
> nss installation.
> |   winbindd_create_user: Refusing to create user that already exists
> (user)
> cheers, jerry
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