[Samba] adding to: winlogon problem error with Default User/ "... does not

Milo search.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 20:39:22 GMT 2005

whoops, i didn't have much luck attaching the entire file, hopefully this
link will work.

here's a piece of the log that looks interesting, any hints?

USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:872 MyGetDomainDNSName: MyGetUserName failed for dns
domain name with 1355
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:872 CheckUserInMachineForest: MyGetDomainName failed
with 1355.
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:872 CheckXForestLogon : CheckUserInMachineForest
failed with 1355
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:872 ParseProfilePath: CheckXForestLogon failed, hr =
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:892 ParseProfilePath: Tick Count = 0
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:902 PingComputer: PingBufferSize set as 2048
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:902 PingComputer: First time: 0
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:902 PingComputer: Fast link. Exiting.
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:902 ParseProfilePath: FindFirstFile found something
with attributes <0x11>
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:902 ParseProfilePath: Found a directory
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 LoadUserProfile: ParseProfilePath returned a
directory of <\\SAMBA\profiles\milan>
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 RestoreUserProfile: Entering
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 IsCentralProfileReachable: Entering
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 CheckRoamingShareOwnership: checking ownership
for \\SAMBA\profiles\milan
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 CheckRoamingShareOwnership: owner is S-1-1-0!
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 IsCentralProfileReachable: Ownership check
failed with 8007051B
USERENV(a0.80) 15:42:18:912 RestoreUserProfile: IsCentralProfileReachable
returned FALSE. error = 1307
## I'm guessing the logon session is failing due to the above sequence? ##

Please help, thanks!


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