[Samba] winlogon problem error with Default User/ "... does not have the correct security ..."

Milo search.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 19:12:37 GMT 2005


I have attached the debug output from userenv.dll as userenv.log. I have a
feeling someone will have a pretty good idea what is wrong with my profile,
\\samba\netlogon\Default User. I get two small windows with error messages
when I login, as administrator of the domain or regular user. Logging in
local to the machine is as normal. The error message I get is:
"Windows did not load your roaming profile and is attempting to log you on
with your local profile. ... Windows did not load your profile because a
server copy of the profile folder already exists that does not have the
correct security. Either the current user or the Administrator's group must
be the owner of the folder. Contact your network administrator."

I've tried several different combinations on \\samba\netlogon\Default User
but to no success.
client is Windows 2000
server is Samba3.0.13-1.1 SUSE with ldapsam
Mostly followed Samba3-ByExample and used IDEALX scripts.

Thanks for any help,

Milan Andric

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