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> As for laptops, still looking for a good solution there.  The one laptop
> I have setup (out of three) uses roaming profiles and offline files for
> the user's home directory.  This is rather kludgy, though, but I don't
> really know of any way to have someone log onto the domain with a local
> profile.  (Plus she uses regular workstations, so getting info synced
> between the server and the laptop would be tricky.)

For mobile users, I've been messing around with iFolder. Haven't quite 
gotten there yet, but the idea would be that the iFolder server would be 
universally accessible (internal/external). This would allow users to sync 
their files regardless of where on the planet they were at any given 

I have it running under OES (Novell) okay, but there are some howto's out 
there on setting it up as a stand-alone. Anyone else using iFolder 3 yet? 

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