[Samba] More Random Behaviour

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Thu Sep 29 18:36:33 GMT 2005

At 12:29 PM 9/29/2005, Elizabeth Schwartz wrote:
>A few random possible causes for "no reason" failures:
>- a config file was changed some time ago but someone failed to test it by
>restarting the daemon or
>rebooting the server, until now
>-some server is having network connectivity or load issues, and the backup
>or secondary doesn't have the same information
>-some third party changed permissions somewhere that wasn't immediately
>-your server is having connectivity or load or file system space issues
>(don't forget to check the
>space where the error log goes)
>-your config file has cruft in it from many versions ago that no longer
>applies to this particular version (that bit me yesterday on my AV scanner!)
>Seriously, turn your log level down to something sane and make sure that you
>understand any error that you see.

Thank you for the pointers. A couple of them have serious validity in 
this environment.

For the moment, I've down-reved to 3.0.12, and the stability issue 
seems to have subsided. There could be many reasons for that, but for 
the moment I'm taking advantage of the calm, and using the time to 
work the authentication issue.
Once that is resolved, or at least better understood by me, I'll look 
at moving the version back up if necessary.


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