[Samba] Unnecessary smbpasswd

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Thu Sep 29 18:30:35 GMT 2005

With my apologies for letting my frustration get the better of me, 
let me try this again:

I have a much more limited understanding of Samba than I thought I 
did. I'm still trying to learn, and get it right.
I have been reading the Samba HOW-TO, and the User Guide.

In installations I have done in the past, I must have gotten "lucky", 
and things worked differently than they seem to be working on the 
installation I'm working on now. I'm hoping that someone from this 
list can help me to figure out what those differences are, and how I 
can resolve them.

Once again, I am not using this Samba server as a Domain Controller, 
nor a log in server. It simply needs to serve out shares to windows users.

If I understand the process correctly:

User on Windows XP box makes a request to the Samba server.
The windows box passes the username/password pair to the Samba server.
The Samba server checks that the user exists on the unix box, and 
(following the "password server = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" parameter in 
smb.conf) verifies the username/password from the Windows Domain 
Controller (specified in the "password server = " parameter).
If the username/password do not exist on the specified password 
server, samba checks the smbpasswd file.
Once the username/password is validated, the samba server will pass the share.

Is the above a fair breakdown, in a very simple implementation?


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