[Samba] More Random Behaviour

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Thu Sep 29 16:29:26 GMT 2005

At 10:16 AM 9/29/2005, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 08:47:34AM -0600, Ric Tibbetts wrote:
> > Okay, I'm starting to face professional ridicule at work over this. A
> > Samba install should take a couple of days, I've been at it... far to long
> > now.
> >
> > When this started I chased the problem in all the wrong directions. I
> > thought it was this environment. Now I don't think so.
> >
> > I have Samba 3.0.14a installed on an AIX 5.2 server.
> > I had it running (not the way I wanted, but running). Then, for no
> > reason, and with NO changes made, it started to deny me access to my
> > home directory. FOR NO REASON. I had not changed anything.
>There is *nover* NO REASON. Something changed. You just don't
>know what.

Okay, I'll phrase that another way:
I would agree with you, however:
"I" changed nothing in the Samba setup, or configuration.
No one else was logged into the server.
Hence: There were no changes to the Samba server. It simply, 
sporadically, stopped allowing me access to my home directory.
You can draw your own conclusions from that.

> > I've been fighting just that kind of random failures for the past
> > couple of weeks.
> > The logs are pretty much usless. Even at log level 10, it only shows
> > that it denied access, and gives idiot reasons like "user not found"
> > or some such.
>If you're ignoring messages like this, then you will fail. You need
>to take a long hard look at your system administration practices in
>order to be successful in this.

Once again. It was allowing me access, and then, suddenly, it 
stopped, and would report a variety of causes, ranging from:
No NT servers available
User not found
bad passwords

These events have been random, and there seems to be no direct cause.
If the user exists in both the Unix passwd scheme, AND as an 
smbpasswd entry, there's no reason Samba should suddenly not be able 
to find it.

I've just down-reved form 3.0.14a to 3.0.12, and so far, it's running 
fine (except for a problem with smbpasswd, but I'll address that seperately).

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