[Samba] Different parsing alg. on smb&winbind for separator

Jeffrey B. Green greenj at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Thu Sep 29 14:36:42 GMT 2005

I have debian sarge on my machines and so samba 3.0.14 is the standard 
install. I built 3.0.20 and installed it, and it seems to work okay. 
Both Samba and Winbind start up fine with the same smb.conf file with 
winbind separator = +. It has now been working okay on a test server for 
a day or so. Well enough that I started it up on the production server 
and so far all is okay. So apparently that parsing issue was fixed.


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
> | Thanks for the reply. I was indeed assuming that I was doing something
> | wrong with the config, however what I was trying to point out was the
> | inconsistency between the two programs in handling that item. I.e. 
> if it
> | is a single character, then both programs should be grabbing the same
> | thing, the same character. They are doing something different in 
> reading
> | that attribute from the configuration file.
> Yeah.  It's basically a corner case on the test procedures.
> There are a couple of outstanding bugs in the smb.conf
> parser.  This probably falls under that category.
> ciao, jerry
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