[Samba] VFS recycle - doesn't work for some users

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Thu Sep 29 09:42:53 GMT 2005


configured samba to handle the deletded files in the recycle directory.
My problem : for some users the deleted files go into the specified 
directory for other the files are just deleted and no  put  in the 
recycle directory.
Does someone already had this problem ?

My configuration
path = /samba/info
write list = @informatique
directory mask = 2770
create mask = 0770
browseable = yes

vfs objects = recycle
recycle:repository = .corbeille
recycle:keeptree = no
recycle:versions = yes
recycle:touch = yes
recycle:exclude = ~$*|*.tmp

samba 3.0.14a-3

Thanks for any help

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