[Samba] Roaming Profiles and Quota

Allori Lorenzo llallori at syr.fi.it
Thu Sep 29 09:34:38 GMT 2005

Dear Group,

I'm using samba 3.x as a PDC, and I'm using linux system quota v2 for samba.

Here is my problem: if a user copies a big file to the desktop (bigger than the quota set for that 
user), when he logs off, the profile wont syncronize with the server with the message "disk full".

Is there a way to let the WinXp client to understand how much space is available also for the local 
profile that must be syncronized later with the server?

In other words: how can i manage to solve this problem not having to make mandatory profiles? I 
want the users to do whatever they want with the quota i gave them.

Thanks a lot,

   Lorenzo Allori
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