[Samba] Re: Authentication confusion - may be LDAP related

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Wed Sep 28 15:16:44 GMT 2005

At 03:34 PM 9/27/2005, paul kölle wrote:
>Ric Tibbetts wrote:
> > This is from the error log:
> >
> >  attempting to make a user_info for u212442 (212442)
> >  making strings for u212442's user_info struct
> >  making blobs for u212442's user_info struct
> >  made an encrypted user_info for u212442 (212442)
> >  check_ntlm_password:  mapped user is: [RX01]\[u212442]@[PN1162911]
> >  getsampwnam (smbpasswd): search by name: u212442
> >  check_sam_security: Couldn't find user 'u212442' in passdb.
> >  check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [212442] -> [u212442]
>If you can increase the log level for the LDAP server you can see what
>filter is used above and find out why the object is not found.
>Have you added the sambaSamAccount objectClass and attributes to the
>user? You can use smbldap-tools for that.

The above was done with log level = 100

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