[Samba] Migrate tdbsam to LDAP - issues?

Paul Smith paul at gami.com
Wed Sep 28 15:06:58 GMT 2005

I currently have a pure samba domain running off a Suse 9.1 machine.
When I installed this domain I wasn't really comfortable with linux or
LDAP so I used a tdbsam password file, and as there are only 30 or so
users it seemed the way to go in the small amount of time I had

Well, now I want to add a BDC to the mix I find I need to move to an
LDAP backend.  I only have two boxes at my disposal so I'm hoping I can
run Samba PDC and master LDAP on one and Samba BDC and slave LDAP on the

I figure I should set up the second box as a master LDAP, transfer the
accounts from the original box, then I can start afresh with the old
machine and make it into a BDC/slave LDAP.

Is that even possible?  Has anyone done this, and did you run into any

Thank you


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