[Samba] home shares and disabled profiles (NET HELPMSG 3916)

José M. Fandiño samba at fadesa.es
Wed Sep 28 14:24:28 GMT 2005

Thomas Bork wrote:
> The docs are not correct:
> "Affect the following settings and ALL clients will be forced to use a
> local profile: logon home = and logon path ="
> >         logon path =
> >         logon drive = u:
> >         logon home =
> If you want to disable roaming profiles *but* want to use 'net use ?:
> /HOME', then remove 'logon home =' from smb.conf to using defaults for
> home dir or set it to anything usefull for your needs.

confirmed, by removing 'logon home =' completely disables profiles
with XPpro (SP2) and Win98 SE. The documentation wrongly states
that 'logon home =' must be left in blank.

thank you Thomas.
Version: 3.1
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