[Samba] roaming profile problem--file in use

Zach uid000 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 10:42:35 GMT 2005


I'm having a problem with roaming profiles.  I just built a new
machine and put it on the network.  When I log on with a domain user,
I get an error when it tries to load the roaming profile.  The error
is that certain file, which is part of the profile, can't be
overwritten because it is in use.  Then it goes on to attempt to load
a local profile, which, of course, it can't find.  The even generated
in the event list is ID 1509.

When this initially occurred, I had just started configuring the
system.  After messing around with it for about an hour, I decided
that this was just an anomaly, since I had never had this problem on
any other machine.  Rather than troubleshoot it further, I took the
easy way out and reinstalled windows (which I would never do had it
been Linux).  The problem did not come back after
reinstallation--until last night.  Now I know it's a recurring
problem, so I've got to fix it.

What I have done so far, without success:
--attempt to log on with a user account that previously had not
exhibited the problem
--attempt to log on with a user account that had not previously logged
on to that machine
--manually delete the cached profile from c:\Documents and Settings\
and try again
--Do System Restore back to a point when the problem was not occurring.
--Reboot (sigh) the samba server, ruining a really nice uptime record

I am using an early version of Samba 3 on Red Hat 9 on the server/PDC
Windows XP SP2 on the offending client.
Other Windows XP SP2 clients don't exhibit this problem.

Has anyone seen this problem?  Does anyone know what might cause it or
how to fix it?  Please help.  I am at wit's end.


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