RES: RES: [Samba] Re: ACLs with Problem

Paul Kölle pkoelle at
Tue Sep 27 10:57:09 GMT 2005

Luis Henrique de Faria Guimarães wrote:
> [2005/09/26 17:11:53, 3] smbd/posix_acls.c:convert_canon_ace_to_posix_perms(2581)
>   convert_canon_ace_to_posix_perms: Too many ACE entries for file teste.txt to convert to posix perms.
I wonder why convert_canon_ace_to_posix_perms is called with an
file_ace_list with more than three canon_ace elements. set_nt_acl should
never call convert_canon_ace_to_posix_perms that way. I guess it fails
because you have an ACL_USER_OBJ which makes the file_ace_list longer
than three entries but for some reason set_nt_acl thinks it cannot use

I just start to read the code so maybe someone who really knows what's
going on could clear this up a bit.


BTW: check your samba binary for ACL support, could be that ./configure
failed to pick up some libs or headers and the whole feature is not
present. Use "strings $(which smbd) | grep HAVE_POSIX_ACLS". If you
don't get anything back your binary lacks ACL support.

PS: Try not to start a new thread with each response and please keep
your replies on the list.

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