[Samba] help

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue Sep 27 03:09:40 GMT 2005

You have to be using XP Professional, not XP Home, to be able to log 
into the Samba server. However, either version can allow you to access 
shares and printers on the Samba server.

The simplest way to proceed is to use SWAT. Install it if you don't have 
it. If you are running XP Professional, use the SWAT wizard to set up 
your Samba server as a domain controller. If not, use the Password 
section to create and enable user accounts for each Windows user. Then 
use it to create shares.

Renan Geiss wrote:

> i from brazil, me english not is good :-( one station have suse 9.3 
> with samba and other machines(5) have windows xp with sp 2
> how i using login of window for mapping "desktop" and other archives?
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