[Samba] FreeBSD 4.x Samba 3

Cole cole at opteqint.net
Mon Sep 26 22:23:35 GMT 2005


I just wanted to confirm, Samba 3 is required for Active Directory support correct? Or is it
possible to use Samba 2.2.x to communicate with an AD server?

Another question involves winbindd, I have a older install of Samba3, with a winbindd Version
I installed latest squid-2.5-Stable10, but I get the error from wb_authntlm that it cannot contact
the winbindd even though it is running, along with nmbd. wbinfo -u provides all the correct users
from the AD server.
This error is produced - "wb_ntlmauth[466](wb_ntlm_auth.c:414): Can't contact winbindd. Dying".

I would like to know, does the samba3 install have to be fairly new to work with the latest

There is also one other problem. Im running Freebsd 4.9 or 4.11, depending, and using the latest
cvsupped up to date ports collection, and trying to build Samba-3.0.20, with AD support, I get this
error from the makefile.
===>  samba-3.0.20,1 Broken dependency between OpenSSL, OpenLDAP and Heimdal for FreeBSD 4.x.
Disable ADS support.

Does anyone know if there is a fix for that, or the exact reason for that or that could be useful in
trying to fix the problem at all?


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