[Samba] winbind challenge-response first

Abhay Pradhan orphean at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 04:03:15 GMT 2005


Is there a way I can force winbind to do chal-resp first, before attempting
Right now, when I do

wbinfo -a abhay_pradhan%*****

both chal-resp as well as plain-text succeed.
but when i do ntlm_auth, the winbind logs show that plain-text auth is

Also, can i test using ntlm_auth? when I do this

ntlm_auth --username=abhay_pradhan --domain=MYDOMAIN --password=foobar

plain-text auth happens. How can I get it to try chal-resp?

Apologies for so many questions, but i'm feeling in the dark here. One last
one, how
do I use ntlm_auth with --helper-protocol=ntlmssp-client-1 ?

right now, after supplying all the parameters, it just waits. Could someone
give me an example?


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