[Samba] pdb_mysql, pdb_pgsql and pdb_xml modules: request for maintainer

MARTIN Pierre HicksCorp at GMail.com
Sat Sep 24 15:26:28 GMT 2005

Hello Jelmer!

Thank you for reading my "topic".
First i appologize if i have sent too many mails, i thought it was 
helpy, i will not anymore  :-)

I am actually compiling version 3.0.11 since Collen told me it was a 
good choice for these PDB compilation issues (and i will keep people 
informed on what i have done if it works).

About the mysql compilation problem, i don't think you should 
discontinue it, i bet many users are using it for convenience purpose, 
having a little network with many shares makes useless deployment of a 
big thing as LDAP, and is really easy to get some mysql DB accounts. I 
am used to do the same with my QMail or VSFTP installation (From source 
either, just because it was easyier to set up this kind of account 
storage method).

About the compilation problem itselve, i really think it should be a 
simple thing to solve, i will have a look as soon as time will be 
helping my side. I really think it only depends on some pre-compilation 
option. I had a verry quick look at the configure script (i hate to give 
up), and the only point i have found for now is that the mysql prefix 
only gives the script the basic path to mysql install, then it tries to 
get in it "/bin/mysql/mysql_config", which is a small utility giving the 
some mysql distro-specific/from-source-compilation paths.

If i can't sove the problem directly from the samba package (the 
compilation process is too much complex for me, i'm a c++ developper but 
i never do big projects  :-( ) so if i you discontinue the samba+pdb 
modules bundles, i will manage to make a tutorial on how to make them 

In advance, excuse my bad english since it is not my kernel language  
:-) , and keep in touch if i have time to help!

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

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>The experimental pdb modules (pdb_mysql, pdb_pgsql and pdb_xml) have
>been a bit neglected during the last few releases of Samba 3 as they
>haven't been actively maintained. I was the original author and
>maintainer, but I no longer work on Samba 3 and I no longer use any of
>the modules in production.
>I'll remove these modules unless somebody steps up as a maintainer. If
>there's anyone willing to take over maintainance of either one of
>these modules, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll put the modules up
>on my samba.org homepage as a separate tarball for those interested
>(including some of the patches that have been published).
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