[Samba] Can winbind change passwords in AD

Ivan Ruskov i.ruskov at eyesightgroup.net
Sat Sep 24 09:16:47 GMT 2005


I have a question concerning Winbind. When I use winbind as a pam module to
authenticate unix users against an AD Domain Controller can this pam module
be also used to change users' passwords in AD? In other words can the users
change their AD passwords through the winbind pam module?

I'm looking for a way to synchronize users and groups between a Windows
Active Directory domain controller and Linux domain member servers with
Samba 3. The other way around is to synchronize OpenLDAP and AD through a
custom script and use pam_ldap to authenticate linux users agains OpenLDAP
but I'm not quite sure if OpenLDAP supports NTLM hashes.


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