RES: [Samba] Re: ACLs with Problem

Paul Kölle pkoelle at
Fri Sep 23 16:38:32 GMT 2005

Luis Henrique de Faria Guimarães wrote:
> I believe that you it did not understand my explanation.  I have a Linux server executing samba intergrated 
> with a server windows 2003 (PDC).  Linux is using the users of windows 2003 saw winbind.  But, the permissions 
> for these of archive do not function.  When I try to change the permissions of an archive in the sharing of the
> samba, it I do not function.  The part of ACL of the samba is not functioning, you understood me.
What you are saying is, it does not work as you think it should. The
getfacl output you showed seems to indicate that ACLs are working on the
linux side, so far so good. Then you say permissions are not correct
from windows explorer and you cannot set them correctly. To identify the
underlying problem you need to provide more details.

1. Which user is logged on the the windows workstation trying to modify
a file on the samba share?

2. What are the ACLs on that file before you try to change them and what
are they after the operation failed?

3. What is the output of the samba log when you try to change ACLs on
the file?


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