[Samba] auth problem

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Fri Sep 23 16:05:55 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 09:43 -0600, Ric Tibbetts wrote:
> Greg;
> Well, what was working yesterday, has stopped today. This is getting 
> frustrating.

I have been seeing spotty workings as well, usually though it is the ADS
integration, with the ADS side being 99.99% of the trouble. Being mostly
un-known and blindly following M$ advice Admins.

> In short: I'm trying to use Samba in it's most basic form. I don't 
> need a windows login server, nor a domain controller, none of that.
> I just, very simply, need it serve out shares to already logged in 
> windows users. I've done this many times, in other places. I can't 
> possibly imagine why it's not working now. I don't need a passwd 
> database. I don't even need passwords.

That is a bugger.

> The process is:
> 1) users are at a PC (which is already logged in via the Windows ADS.
> 2) Users need a share from Unix server "X"
> 3) uinx server "X" should only need to validate that the request is 
> coming from a valid subnet, from a valid user. They don't need 
> anything else. Just the share.
> That's it. This is Samba at it's simplest.
> The only wrinkle in this whole thing is that the user names between 
> the windows side, and the Unix side, don't match. So I have a 
> smbusers file to translate that. Other than that, it's all pretty basic.
> I'm getting crazy errors in the logs. Everything from unknown user, 
> to no domain controller, to no password server, etc... It's almost random.
> What was working yesterday, is dead today, and I didn't change 
> anything while I was at home last night.
> I'll strip it all down "again" today, and piece it back together, and 
> hope I can make it work again.
> This is just nuts.

Yep, sometimes I have found SWAT to be the best bet against spelling
errors and or erroneous settings.

Good luck.

greg, greg at gregfolkert.net

The technology that is 
Stronger, Better, Faster: Linux

Use Debian GNU/Linux, its a bazaar thing.

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