RES: [Samba] LDAP howto

Gary Dale garydale at
Fri Sep 23 14:55:31 GMT 2005

Congratulations! If you need help with your howto, please count on me! I 
will be more than happy to take whatever you can write down, try it 
here, and tweak your howto based on my results. I can also help clean up 
the language (sorry, but your english is a little confusing in places :) ).

Sérgio A P Ferreira wrote:

>Hello Gary,
>about 2 mouths ago I have started a challenge, put Debian Sarge, Openldap
>and Samba to work together. Yesterday I got It. Honestly, It took me a hell!
>I almost gave up. Now I am  happy for didn´t done It. I sketched up my steps
>through It. I started already to write my Howto´s to describe what I did to
>get It. Up to finish It, in a properly way, if you need some help count with
>me. Now, I am making some tweaks and configuring my shares. After all I have
>passed, this is a peace of cake. 
>I would like to thank Tom Crummey that threw I light when I was blind and
>without motivation. 
>Sergio Ferreira
>CGINF - Ministério da Cultura
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>Does anyone know of a good Samba-LDAP howto for Debian (Sarge) systems? 
>I probably don't need it for my home network, but I'd like to learn how 
>to do it anyway. My previous attempts to get it working have failed. :(

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