[Samba] Not the same folder size on a Linux workstation and on a Windows workstation

Jean Lee jean.lee at free.fr
Fri Sep 23 11:38:45 GMT 2005

Birger Wathne a écrit :

> Could it simply be that the folders have different size?
> You could check the files within a folder and then the folder to look 
> for differences.
> Perhaps also look at an empty folder.


Thank you for your answer.
Well, I found where is my problem :

My mail storage folder is a subdirectory of the local folder (which is 
copied to the linux workstation). As I am subscribed in a lot of mailing 
lists, this folder is updated very quickly.
If I do a copy of the local folder to the Linux workstation, the local 
folder and the remote folder are not very long the same and the local 
folder is always greater than the remote folder. The difference in the 
'Size' property comes always from the mail storage folder. All other 
folders have the same size.....

It was so easy  :)



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