[Samba] Not the same folder size on a Linux workstation and on a Windows workstation

Jean Lee jean.lee at free.fr
Fri Sep 23 10:21:18 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I made a copy of a folder from a WINXP SP2 to a Linux workstation shared 
folder. After the copy and from the WINXP SP2 workstation, i look the 
properties of the remote folder (the copied folder on the Linux 
workstation) and of the local folder (the original folder on the WINXP 

For the remote folder, I have :
    - 29764 files
    - 2427 folders
    - Size : 6868067,965 bytes
    - Size on disk : 6884156,416 bytes

and for the local folder, I have :
    - 29764 files
    - 2427 folders
    - Size : 6865812,159 bytes
    - Size on disk : 6938199,838 bytes

I think that the differences on the 'Size on disk' properties comes from 
the files fragmentation on the disks

But I don't understand why the 'Size' properties are not the same.
Can anybody explain it to me ?

Thank you for your answer,

Jean LEE

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