[Samba] Problem migrating printer and driver form one samba share to another

asadhnan at cisco.com asadhnan at cisco.com
Thu Sep 22 20:44:33 GMT 2005

I am using Samba 3.20 and trying out the following command to migrate
testPrinter form bd-s4 to bd-s1, but I am getting the following errors:
debugshell# net rpc printer MIGRATE PRINTERS testPrinter -U admin%pass
-p 50139 -S bd-s4 --destination=bd-s1
migrating printer queue for:    [\\bd-s4\testPrinter] / [testPrinter]
cannot open printer \\bd-s1\testPrinter on server \\bd-s1:
cannot get printer-info: WERR_GENERAL_FAILURE
could not get printer, creating printer.
creating printer: \\bd-s4\testPrinter
could not create printer
admin is a user that has access to both the samba shares \\bd-s1 and
Thanks in advance.
Any help will be appreciated!

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