[Samba] Samba PDC (3.0.14a) with LDAP cannot add machines

Jan Evert van Grootheest j.e.van.grootheest at hccnet.nl
Wed Sep 21 20:01:34 GMT 2005

Eduard Witteveen wrote:
> Jan Evert van Grootheest wrote:
>> I am setting up a Samba PDC which uses LDAP for account information.
>> It is a debian installation with samba 3.0.14a and slapd 2.2.23 (I'm 
>> also using ldap-account-manager, but I don't think that has anything 
>> to do with this).

If've found it.
I came across this page at http://www.unav.es/cti/ldap-smb-howto.html 
where an administrator keeps his findings (I used the link for samba 
3/head/samba 4).
One of the things it mentions is that an administrator account is needed 
which has uidNumber 0 for unix.
That caused a smbd to be created with uid 0 which passed the test that 
was failing.

I also set the digital signing of the channel in w2k, but I'm not sure 
whether that's still required (my samba is somewhat newer than the one 
he used).

So... the bug can be closed.
Or can it???

Why is it necessary to have an administrator for samba that has uid 0? 
As long as the administrator has enough rights, according to the LDAP 
database, I don't think there's a reason to it.
There's probably another bug in the database that is about this, now I 
just need to find it and then it'll become a duplicate.

Jan EVert

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