[Samba] Samba with Mysql, compilation problem.

MARTIN Pierre HicksCorp at GMail.com
Thu Sep 22 20:52:00 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,
For those who have followed the mysql plugin compilation problem, here 
are some new information:
I have tryed everything to make it work from the debian sources, not 
So i have downloaded the TGZ sources from samba.org (version is 3.0.20). 
I have started the basic ./configure
script with params --with-expsam=xml,mysql 
It worked so i started to make the compilation. It also have compiled 
successfully. But as usual with the debian source version, it did not 
compile any pdb_mysql.so. The only thing i get is a mysql.so lib, but it 
cant be loaded as a plugin...

Any idea is really welcome, since i begin to lose the faith :)
Bye bye and thank you all!

P.S.: Here is the end of the compilation process:
Compiling modules/vfs_recycle.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/recycle.so
Compiling modules/vfs_audit.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/audit.so
Compiling modules/vfs_extd_audit.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/extd_audit.so
Compiling modules/vfs_full_audit.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/full_audit.so
Compiling modules/vfs_netatalk.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/netatalk.so
Compiling modules/vfs_fake_perms.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/fake_perms.so
Compiling modules/vfs_default_quota.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/default_quota.so
Compiling modules/vfs_readonly.c with -fPIC
Compiling modules/getdate.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/readonly.so
Compiling modules/vfs_cap.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/cap.so
Compiling modules/vfs_expand_msdfs.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/expand_msdfs.so
Compiling modules/vfs_shadow_copy.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/shadow_copy.so
Compiling passdb/pdb_xml.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/xml.so
Compiling passdb/pdb_mysql.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/mysql.so
Compiling modules/CP850.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/CP850.so
Compiling modules/CP437.c with -fPIC
Building plugin bin/CP437.so

(C)ollen wrote:

> hmm.. try
> ./configure --with-expsam=mysql --with-shared-modules=pdb_mysql
> mysql lib's in the: /usr/lib/mysql (symlink will do)
> mysql headers in the: /usr/include/mysql (symlink will do)
> you can compile the mysql_backend into samba so there isn't an 
> external module !
> your problem is that samba can't find the header files from mysql (.h)
> I think that the guy's from debian left the mysql backend out,
> coz' it's somewhat experimental, and lackes support..
> never the less, it works, and we have it up and running for almost 
> 2years now!!
> have fun
> Collen Blijenberg (MLHJ)
> MARTIN Pierre wrote:
>> First i would like to say hello to everybody here, because i am new 
>> to this ML.
>> So here is the description of my problem:
>> I began with a clean samba installation from the stable branch few 
>> monthes ago, everything was just fine, i have a linux box which was 
>> sharing files for another linux workstation and two WinXP laptops. 
>> The sharing linux box is a debian stable branch O/S, which is my 
>> choice for a long time now.
>> Few weeks ago, i decided to make my sparkling samba installation 
>> virtual-users aware, and i began to crawl on various websites, all 
>> explaining the smb.conf parametters to give. I figured out that i was 
>> just not able to make it run because of a main problem, the apt-get 
>> samba gave me a non mysql-powered-samba version :(
>> So i removed the samba package from the computer, and dowloaded the 
>> debian source of it. Basic source, untared, and had a look to the 
>> debian/rule file. I saw there was any parametters given about mysql 
>> building, so i also had a look at the configure script's options. It 
>> always compiles the brand new warm .deb packages (after i fixed some 
>> lacky dependencies, i had to make a fake mysql-common package by 
>> myselve, because i already had mysql installed from sources and did 
>> not want to install the deb package, etc...). I'm now totally lost, i 
>> have try everything and i can't get this pdb_mysql.so "plugin" ready :(
>> So maybe i have miss something, maybe there is another way to make it 
>> as i wish to be, maybe there is a simple way to indirectly link samba 
>> to mysql with pam (I don't know PAM rules at all, i neither don't 
>> know how it works).
>> It has been 4 days i'm looking for a solution, mailing random people 
>> i find on websites, no answers from them.
>> Please if somebody has any clue, let me know a link, a sound, a 
>> color, anything to find a way to make it work...
>> Anything to make it work from the stable .deb packages appreciated too.
>> Thank you a lot!
>> Pierre.
>> P.S.: Here is the current configure parametters i use extracted from 
>> my rule file:
>>                --cache-file=./config.cache --with-fhs --enable-shared 
>> --enable-static --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libdir=/etc/samba 
>> --with-privatedir=/etc/samba --with-piddir=/var/run/samba 
>> --localstatedir=/var --with-netatalk --with-pam --with-syslog 
>> --with-utmp --with-readline --with-pam_smbpass --with-libsmbclient 
>> --with-winbind --with-msdfs --with-automount --with-tdbsam 
>> --with-ldap --with-python=python2.3 --with-mysql --enable-mysql 
>> --with-mysql-prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-expsam=mysql

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