[Samba] LDAP howto

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Sep 22 20:21:42 GMT 2005

Not really. I've been to the various Samba-LDAP howtos and there is a
lot of outdated or irrelevant information in them. Too many sites seem
to think that you need to know how to compile the sources while others
don't recognize that we're not running Redhat 9.x. I've yet to find one
that says "these are the packages you need and here's how they interact
with one another". Everyone I've found seems to assume that you're
running the same system the same way they are.

I've been through the Samba 3 book from cover to cover - try doing that
without ample doses of caffeine! - but there seems to be important
details missing. There is no howto that really takes you through the
various steps of setting up Samba and LDAP together and get them
talking, at least as far as I've found, and at least for Debian.

My last attempt failed, as I recall, because LDAP seemed to asking for
an encrypted connection.

Nathan Vidican wrote:

>The samba how-to's a good place to start, however... if you're just looking to 
>learn and understand things better, then I'd suggest a read-through on the 
>OpenLDAP.org site as well. Hate to puch you away with a 'RTFM' reply... but 
>it is kinda what you were asking for.
>On Thursday 22 September 2005 14:16, Gary Dale wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a good Samba-LDAP howto for Debian (Sarge) systems?
>>I probably don't need it for my home network, but I'd like to learn how
>>to do it anyway. My previous attempts to get it working have failed. :(
>Nathan Vidican
>nvidican at wmptl.com
>Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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