[Samba] Question on Samba Service

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Sep 22 14:56:46 GMT 2005

Samba can either be started as a "service" in inetd or started by the 
run-level init process. On my debian system, you can manually start & 
stop Samba by typing /etc/init.d/samba [start | stop | restart]. On 
non-Debian systems the path to the samba command script may vary. The 
script should be used when manually doing things with samba as it gets 
the order for starting and stopping daemons correct. You can also use 
swat if you have it enabled.

If Samba is started in inetd, you need the lines you mentioned. 
Otherwise, run something like the KDE System V Init editor and add Samba 
to start and stop at the appropriate run levels.

The permission denied error is probably because you were not logged in 
as root. Try using the su command first!

Edouard Ades wrote:

>For no particular reason, my Samba service didn't start yesterday,
>when I went to start it by going in the /usr/local/samba/sbin and then
>typing SMBD I got an error 
>"permission denied" and something about the port 139 (sorry I don't have
>the whole error message)
>No changes were made on the box.
>I started looking over the web and I found an something out something to
>help me out on this issue.
>This is what I found 
>Now, if you wish to use inetd to start the Samba daemons, enter suitable
>lines in the file /etc/inetd.conf, such as the following: 
>netbios-ssn stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd smbd 
>netbios-ns dgram udp wait root /usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd nmbd 
>swat stream tcp nowait.400 root /usr/local/samba/bin/swat swat 
>After editing the files, type  refresh -s inetd. 
>Now my question is : Why commenting that out made from the Indetd.conf
>In other case why did I had to go trough this to start the samba
>is the samba sercie suppose to start automatically ?
>Thanks for all your help
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