[Samba] Samba with Mysql, compilation problem. (Additionnal information)

MARTIN Pierre HicksCorp at CreativeHazard.com
Wed Sep 21 17:18:10 GMT 2005

Hey people,

i just had a compilation error! I'm pretty happy because it means that i 
am doing something wrong. It seems that the compiler doesn't find 
mysql.h include header file. The point is that i have all these includes 
files in this folder:

The ./configure call which has failed had:
--enable-mysql --with-mysql --with-mysql-prefix=/usr/local/mysql 
--with-mysql-exec-prefix=/usr/mysql/bin --with-expsam=mysql
at the end, i just added the bin suffix...

So maybe the version are not compatible for each other? :O

MySql version (14.7) Distrib 4.1.14
Samba Version (Which i wish to compile) is 3.0.14a

Any advice?

And sorry for the bad english!

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