[Samba] get quota command

Rick Brown rick.brown at oit.gatech.edu
Wed Sep 21 13:58:03 GMT 2005

I'm running samba 3.0.13 on a debian box, sharing out NFS filesystems
from a solaris box.  I know, bad idea.. file locking, etc...  non-issues
at the moment. 

I've discovered that if I make a share from a local filesystem, 
the PC's mounting the share see their quota (hard limit, not 
soft which is another matter) as their capacity and their
appropriate free space... this is good. 

When I share ouf the NFS mounted volume, the PC's see the entire
volume size and free space.   Not so good.   Okay fine, so I 
wrote a little cheesy script to run run quota and report back and
defined it as "get quota command = myscript" in smb.conf. 
This works great...   mostly.    I wasn't seeing the values I 
expected to see, so I started dumping the arguments samba was
passing to my scipt.   I expected 3 fields: Path, type of query, and
user/group ID.    something like:
"." 1 32849		(user quota)
"." 3 1178		(group quota) 

instead, I'm seeing samba pass:
"." 2 32849		(default user quota)
"." 4 1178		(default group quota)

Why is samba asking for the default user and group quotas instead of 
the actual user and group quotas?  From the documentation I would
have expected that if field 2 was a 2 or 4, then the uid/gid would be
-1.   How can I make samba request the actual user and group's quota
instead of the defaults?

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