[Samba] Print Sharing problems. (Samba/CUPS, windows client) [SOLVED]

Mark Dorset mdorset at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 21 22:53:10 GMT 2005

Thanks to Craig who almost by error helped me resolve the problem....

When he showed his entries, he included this line;

>         printcap = cups

I was pretty sure this was meant to be "printcap name = cups" but  
checked google, and came across these two links;


These two pages describe a somewhat similar problem to mine which was  
resolved by modifying the printcap name attribute to point to the  
printcap file (including the pathname).

So, instead of

     printcap name = cups

I now have

     printcap name = /path/to/printcap  (as defined in my cupsd.conf)

After restarting samba, everything is working as expected.

So, apparently I shouldn't have to point the 'printcap name' to a  
printcap, but I do. Anyone care to suggest why?

Big thanks again to Craig, and the others who replied to try and assist!


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