[Samba] UTMP duplicated entries

Fabiano Caixeta Duarte fabiano at fearp.usp.br
Wed Sep 21 19:38:14 GMT 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Kaplan, Marc wrote:

> Windows does allow duplicate sessions actually. If you net use *
> \\hostname\share and then net use \\ipaddress\share for the same server
> you will get two connections to the same server on your client (you can
> even use different users). Is it possible that this is what some users
> are doing?

Yeah! Sorry! I am talking about login sessions. Does samba logs on utmp 
all kind of sessions or just login sessions?

> Also machines configured as terminal servers allow multiple
> concurrent logins from the same client.

You're right. But I don't have WTS here... There are some XP and some W2K 

Still waiting.


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