OU vs. CN in LDAP?Re: [Samba] AD Authentication help please?

Jason Gerfen jason.gerfen at scl.utah.edu
Wed Sep 21 16:19:49 GMT 2005

I am sorry to post this again, but I need some help on using Active 
Directory mapping.

Jason Gerfen wrote:

> When joining the samba box to a domain:
> %> net ads join -U <username>
> %> kinit Admin at DOMAIN.COM
> %> net ads join -U <username> <LDAP/AD Container of users>
> The last command fails and when doing an strace you can clearly see 
> that it is expecting an Organizational Unit (OU) vs. a Common Name 
> (CN) which is where the users I need to authenticate are currently 
> residing.
> Do I need to move these to an OU vs. a CN?  Here is the strace output 
> I am refering to:
> %> strace -o tmp net ads join -U "Admin" "users"
> (only inclusing pertinant lines with searching for container to map to)
> write(6, "0C\2\1\5c>\4\36ou=users,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM"..., 69) = 69  <-- 
> here is the hard coded ou, I am not 100% familiar with the LDAP RFC 
> but on a windows Active Directory there are CN and OU containers
> See how it is appending the OU=USERS?

This is still the problem, I am able to view users, groups, domains etc 
using the wbinfo tool wthout problem.  However when attempting to map a 
specific CN container within the Active Directory (Win2k) I recieve this 
ads_join_realm: organizational unit users does not exist 

After using the ldap tools I find that the "users" container (which is 
where the users reside that I need to authenticate) is a CN vs. a OU 
which the net ads join command seems to be expecting (note the strace 
output from previous post listed above).

If there is anyone on this list that has some more insight into this 
problem please help a brother out.  =)

> Edward Brookhouse wrote:
>> Not sure I understand your question. What are you trying to map?
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>> I am having a problem which with much help from this list I have 
>> gotten 90% complete.  I am attempting to create a samba server which 
>> will authenticate users as a Domain member server using active 
>> directory.
>> The question I have is how can I map a specific container which is 
>> not an OU but a CN in the active directory?
>> Any help is appreciated.

Jason Gerfen

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