[Samba] Permissions not recursive on win2K?

Shawn Wright swright at sls.bc.ca
Tue Sep 20 23:29:18 GMT 2005

On 20 Sep 2005 at 16:15, Shawn Wright wrote:

> On 20 Sep 2005 at 17:02, Larry McElderry wrote:
> > There are probably other (better) methods,  but one is:
> > 
> > Pick a file on the file system in question and try the command
> > attr -g aa FileName
> > 
> > If EA's are support you'll get a message saying "No data found" (unless you actually have an attribute named aa),  otherwise it will
> > report "Operation not supported".
> > 
> > You could also try xfsdump.   For further reading: man -k xattr
> > 
> > For samba to use them I believe you also have to have "ea support = Yes" in your smb.conf.
> I have confirmed EA support in the FS, and presumably the kernel, since I 
> get this when setting and getting an attr:
> [root at ADMIN3 console]# attr -s test -V blah samba-3.0.14a.tar.gz
> Attribute "test" set to a 4 byte value for samba-3.0.14a.tar.gz:
> blah
> [root at ADMIN3 console]# attr -g test samba-3.0.14a.tar.gz
> Attribute "test" had a 4 byte value for samba-3.0.14a.tar.gz:
> blah
> I have added 'ea support=yes' to smb.conf, restarted samba, but still no 
> luck on either a Redhat SGI/XFS 7.2 system, or a Mandrake 10.1 XFS 
> system. The samba docs refer to a 'user_xattr' mount option, which 
> doesn't exist for XFS, but EAs are working with 'attr'. 
> Can I narrow down the smb log searching with a specific debug class?

I have done some testing with an offline server with log level = 10 and 
cannot see anything related to EAs or ACLs in the log. Any hints as to 
what I should be watching for?


Shawn Wright, I.T. Manager
Shawnigan Lake School
swright at sls.bc.ca

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