[Samba] smbmount of services with embedded spaces

Stevie B ng at toucan.e7even.com
Tue Sep 20 21:00:37 GMT 2005

smbmount v3.0.13


I'm trying to set-up my /etc/fstab configuration file to automatically 
map to a Samba share at bootup. This is not working I think because the 
share that I require has a space within it. This seems to confuse 
fstab/smbmount and me. An interactive command such as:

smbmount '//nslu2/DISK 1' /mnt/nslu2/disk-1

works fine. However the service name does not seem to have the quotes 
when mount passes control to smbmount. Naturally, commands such as:

smbmount //nslu2/DISK 1 /mnt/nslu2/disk-1

don't work. Is there anyway to specify the service name without quotes 
but keep the embedded space ?

I've also tried:

smbmount //nslu2/DISK\0401 /mnt/nslu2/disk-1

this comes back with:

26920: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an 
invalid share name)
SMB connection fail

Any ideas ?


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