[Samba] [OS X 10.4.2] SMB strangeness

James Nierodzik jnierodzik at firestarcom.com
Tue Sep 20 20:45:31 GMT 2005

Sorry folks if this is better suited for the Apple lists, but I feel  
it's a samba issue so I'm posting here.

We just upgraded (did a fresh install) from OS X 10.3.8 Server to  
10.4.2 running Samba version 3.0.10

After upgrading we have noticed severe performance hits on our  
Windows machines (XP SP2). Excel documents
can take as long as a minute to save to the network share and our  
Quickbooks documents are taking up to 5 minutes
to open and corrupting almost daily.

I don't have a old copy of our 10.3.8 that I can easily look at to  
get the smb.conf file to compare with the current and I'm
not a samba pro anyways so is there anything that jumps out at anyone  
here? Or a clue on where to start looking for

Thanks in advance,


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