[Samba] Samba, workgroup and Windows Wins in different subnet

Romain Pélissier Romain.Pelissier at sqliaison.com
Tue Sep 20 13:11:31 GMT 2005

I hope that someone could help me because I am a real newby in Samba and have a tons of questions about this apps.
My first question is : how works samba when it act as a wins client (not server) ?
I have 2 subnets in my company, the is a windows segment with wins.
the second one is for the training classroom.
The gateway where Samba is installed is used both as a proxy server, central point of accessing the net, dhcp server for the training segment.
Looks like this : (Windows with Active Directory domain)----------------------------
                                                                                                            Gateway (squid)--------> Internet
                                                                                                            DHCP, Samba
                                                                                                                    | (workgroup training) ---------------------------------------------------
I have  tried to configure samba so it can work with the windows wins server on the segment and it seems to works. All client in the 192.x.x.x segment have the Windows wins server registred and when I look at the records in the wins server, the pcs from the training network appear with their workgroup (I can see the records) but for an unknow reason, I can't see the workgroup training in my windows domain.
I will put my configuration here, hoping that someone can give me the best pratice to make my windows domain, windows wins and samba work well together.

	protocol = NT1

	browse list = Yes

	wins server =

	domain master = No

	interfaces =

	;wins proxy = Yes

	allow hosts =

	netbios name = proxy-srv

	netbios aliases = proxy-srv

	server string = Samba Server

	invalid users = root

	default = global

	remote announce =

	workgroup = TRAINING

	debug level = 2

	;os level = 20

	os level = 20

	announce as = NT

	bind interfaces only = Yes

	enhanced browsing = yes

	remote browse sync =

	local master = no

	preferred master = no 

Romain Pélissier 
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