[Samba] Letter printing in samba

Gareth Robert Halfacree samba at halfacree.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 11:16:20 GMT 2005

Ruben Rubio Rey wrote:
> The problem is the WIndows computers only can print in A4. They cant 
> print any other sizes, like letters.

We're having a very similar issue at our site with a SLES9 server 
running the default versions of Samba and CUPS (yeah, I know; I'll get 
around to upgrading both when I've got the damn thing working properly). 
  The issue is that changes made within the Printing Defaults dialog in 
Windows do not reflect the file that finally makes it to the printer.

As an example:

A Brother HL-1430 Laser connected to a D-Link LPR print server, with an 
entry in CUPS using the recommended printer driver.  Windows connects to 
the Samba-shared printer on the server, which then connects to the 
D-Link box, which then connects to the printer.  Windows has the latest 
Brother HL-1430 driver installed (WinXP).

Choose '2-in-1' for two-up printing (within 'Printing Defaults' in 
Windows) and the printer churns out standard one-to-a-page copies.

Connect directly to D-Link box (via Add New Port -> Standard TCP/IP port 
within WinXP), bypassing the Samba/CUPS server, and it prints two-up 
without a problem.

I've tried switching the printer within CUPS to a raw queue, but still 
no joy.

Apologies if this is the wrong list for such questions; I'm fully aware 
that this is more likely to be a CUPS issue than a Samba issue.

-Gareth Halfacree

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