[Samba] passdb backend = pizza

Chris smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Tue Sep 20 05:02:26 GMT 2005

Just want to discuss the limits of testparm. I know it has found 
problems for me in the past but never realized previously how gullible 
it really was.

There are, apparently, many things it never uncovers as an error. Such 
as "passdb backend = pizza", not a valid argument but it passes 
testparm. So does "name resolution order = pizza".

Pizza, is, afterall, a special case (and delicious) but how about "name 
resolve order = hosts wins bcast"? Notice that the correct argument is 
"host" and not "hosts". A running of testparm fails to identify this 
typo just as easily as it accepts "pizza".

Is it just the systems I've. examined? Am I looking for too much? Or 
does testparm need to pay more attention?

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